Leaflets in snow and hail

The forecast was dire: rain and low temperatures. And a massive black cloud did come along and snowed on us and one very delighted little girl. Hail followed. But we stayed warm (oddly, it wasn’t all that cold). And we kept posting leaflets into letterboxes. But it was one of those days when focussing on broken bins and flytipped furniture and electrics was particularly difficult. The ghastly truth is that people (including me) get used to rubbish in their environment and we literally have no choice but to keep moving: to pass it by. We’d never do anything if we dealt with every bit. But sometimes the weather and the lovely stuff steals the show and that is what this afternoon was like. So here’s a photo narrative. The moon was in at least three photos, but now I can only find it in one. I stumbled on a beautiful red camellia in full flower in a south facing garden and some pelargoniums: they looked a bit dry but warm and also in full bloom but I didn’t photograph them.



20160416_165155 20160416_165139







Author: Fiona Radic

Web Weaver, Network Cultivator

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