Help Re-Elect Green Councillors in Peterborough!

Peterborough Greens are fundraising for local election campaigns. The election is scheduled for Friday 5th May 2023

It is brilliant that the Green Party is now a growing force on Peterborough City Council, able to represent more residents in more wards than ever before, and increasingly able and ready to influence policies followed by the councils’ larger political groups.

We are Crowdfunding

In May’s local elections scheduled for Friday 5th May, we plan to return experienced elected councillors to the council chamber and to win new councillors. To help achieve this we need to raise more money for printing than we’ve needed in any previous local election. What we raise will be used to print the leaflets which we distribute to residents. You can find out in detail how the money will be spent here.

Join our Crowd

Greens often use Crowdfunding, which is a wonderful way to raise lots of small donations from a large community of people. We grow the “crowd” of donors by reaching out to include as many people in and beyond the city as we can reach.

Please share too

The cost of living means that many of the people who might usually feel able to donate, may not be able to do so this year. Please don’t feel bad, if this is the situation you are in. In the face of the crisis, we need to spread the word by sharing this post online, or by going to the Crowdfunder itself and sharing it from there. Shares also help!