MANERP’s hustings Thursday 1st June

MANERP’s hustings Thursday 1st June


Peterborough International Christian Centre, Lincoln Rd, Peterborough PE1 2PE

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Our Chair for the evening will be Brian Gascoyne, who chairs Peterborough’s Holocaust Memorial Day Committee and serves on Peterborough Racial Equality Council

MANERP says: “MANERP stands for the Millfield and New England Regeneration Partnership.
It is a Peterborough voluntary community association which receives no funding at all from ratepayers or taxpayers. All of its committee members and officers do not claim a single penny for the work that they do and do not claim any form of expenses either.
MANERP was formed in 2005 by residents who lived and people who worked work in the Millfield and New England in order to prevent the deterioration of the area because of the massive effect the influx of asylum seekers, refugees and EU migrants. The population had grown so quickly over a two year period that the infrastructure was failing to cope.
The Peterborough City Council agreed to recognise the group and its’ constitution was ratified and very quickly the association started to make representation to the council on several issues of concern. The main issues are:
The main issues are:

Private Rented Housing and Accommodation
Alcohol Licensing
Health and Wellbeing
Diversity and Cohesion

MANERP will continue to press for improvements to Millfield and New England as that is its’ mission. No matter what is thrown at the organisation, it will always put the peace and tranquillity of its’ residents first and foremost as its’ main priority.
If you live, work or have any connection with the MANERP area then please join us! We meet on the first Thursday of every month (except January) at the Peterborough International Christian Centre, Lincoln Road, (on the corner of York Road), Millfield, Peterborough at 7.15pm.” The Millfield and New England Regeneration Partnership (MANERP) is here:

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