Peterborough in Transition Training Programme: apply by 5pm Nov 8th!

Peterborough in Transition Launched last night

A large and varied gathering of young and old enjoyed a superb evening. 

A couple of trailers wetted our appetites for up-coming films.

The notorious acoustics of the town hall’s Reception Room didn’t help: with groups of people gathered round themed tables for discussion and note taking.  Those with any hearing difficulties at all struggled, even when listening to those around the same table.  The room needs an acoustic makeover: perhaps some thick, soft hangings to absorb the echoes and resonances it seems to set up.  Or a carpet?  It is odd that this room, which used to be popular for dancing to local bands, is so bad for listening in.

Despite this, conversation was animated, constructive and well informed.  There were excellent conversations about “growth”, “housing” “governance” and “transport” and I was intrigued by the inventiveness of ideas about energy and developing Peterborough’s “export” potential.

Sophie gave the group a view of the span and content of the planned eight month project and listed the training which is available.  The group was invited to apply for training places and also to extend that invitation out to people and into organisations and groups who hadn’t turned up, but which might nonetheless be interested.  To get an application form, please email

To join the group e-mail and to keep up with the group  follow on facebook
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