Thomas Deacon Junior Academy Plan

Thomas Deacon Junior Academy Plan

Click here to find the plan of the new Junior Academy, which will sit on what is currently green space and part of the Thomas Deacon Academy’s sports field.  What do you think?  Were you able to get to the evening exhibition (I missed it I’m afraid).  And have you commented?

This document is which is “Existing and proposed contours TD.016.039.P.011” (I think, but I find it very confusing because the index and the document open on the same tab and I haven’t got time to check because I have been timed out….) at .  If you want to look at the other documents you need to accept cookies and conditions at this point and search for “Thomas Deacon”.  You should find this planning application amongst older ones for the site.

The council may decide this proposal at its planning meeting on the 8th January

Please sign petition for 20’s Plenty for Peterborough

20’s Plenty for Peterborough is collecting signatures for a petition to be presented to Peterborough City Council.  You can find the petition here.  Please sign and share widely with friends, colleagues and relatives who live or work in Peterborough.

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