2nd EU Referendum Petition brings two sides together

After I posted my comments on why people might be sharing the 2nd EU Referendum petition, I had a day out: trying to do something other than reflect on the nightmare of the Leave vote, which was totally impossible.

While out I learned that the police or the government (depending which story you read) were investigating a possible fraud to do with the people who had signed the petition: some of whom didn’t live in the UK and some of whom were apparently surplus to the entire populations of whole countries, so presumably might consist only of an email address.  77,000 false signatures had apparently been removed. Variations on this tale are numerous but you have to go to twitter for a laugh.

Incidentally isn’t it wonderful that a Leave petition is being so enthusiastically embraced by the Remain side? Perhaps the petitions office should have let the No Confidence in David Cameron petition get a debate? Looking back, it might have been an easier way for him to leave office and the office might not have been left in quite such an appalling mess.

second referendum2