I certainly

won’t be

handing over my contact details to an organisation which has no address on its website, whose location is variously the world, London, and whose “editor” refers me to a script writers’ agency. Even if I agreed with the campaign. I think this organisation is just a bunch of shy Tories (Conservatives). Happy as ever to be corrected, of course: just add your comment. If these paid for and targeted facebook ads are indeed only showing up in Labour Party constituency voter feeds, as has been suggested, how can that be done without access to the electoral register, and if you have access to the electoral register, who provided it to you? and why don’t you have the courtesy to provide electors with an imprint (What’s that? See below)? The mini pictures expand if you click on them. Incidentally, Peterborough isn’t a Labour Party constituency any more, because our MP has been ejected from the Labour Party and is currently an independent.         

What is an imprint?

The imprint is the little bit of text which tells you who is sending you this election material (yes, I think it is), on behalf of whom or which organisation, and where you can find them. This enables voters to get in touch. It also enables voters to see how much money is being spent on a campaign and who is donating that money (because election expenses and donations over a certain sum have to be reported after a certain date). Here are extracts from published guidance about imprints. You can find more here .