What about the Lido?

I attended a workshop hosted by Civic Voice and as a result have joined a Peterborough “Asset of Community Value” group founded at the workshop. The workshop explained how an “asset of community value” can be registered with the local council and what that means should it be or become threatened. The rules were explained and what and what was not eligible.

The new group is not a “political” group in that peoples’ views on the legislation may be strong, but those views are not the point. I would describe this as a “technical” alliance between people prepared to share knowledge and help people in Peterborough who want to do this. I was quite shocked to learn that Peterborough has only registered two Assets of Community Value (the Green Backyard and the Football Ground) whereas Chelmsford identified seventy which needed to be registered.

What about the Lido? We need a little list.

Railworld, Peterborough
Railworld, Peterborough

Cllr Andy Coles acted as spokesperson for the Peterborough group at the workshop and he was an obvious elected councillor lead. For those who don’t know him he is a keen supporter of The Green Backyard and used to be its beekeeper. He has also supported the parishing of Westwood (a project currently in abeyance, but which I strongly support) and he currently holds the council’s “community” brief.

Alun Williams volunteered to look after the membership.

You can join the new group on face book. You will then be added to a google group.