Radioactive: objectors have until 23:59 tonight (1st June) to object

You have unti 23:59 tonight to object to “The alteration of existing and the construction of new facilities for the recovery and disposal of hazardous waste and disposal of low level radioactive waste at the East Northants Resource Management Facility, Stamford Road, Northamptonshire”.  But don’t let the deadline stop you.  This post is to help you put a short sharp snappy objection in and was posted when the deadline was still 15 HOURS AWAY.
To register you need to say SOMETHING (you can come back and give more detail later) and the SOMETHING must include WHETHER OR NOT you support or object to the planning proposal and briefly WHY.  You can always support one aspect and object to another.  If you need a briefing on the issues, background information on the plans is provided on the Kings Cliffe Waste Watchers’ website: here:
Links to the planning portal and the Northamptonshire County Council process along with help on how to communicate your views within the planning process are included in this note from the Kings Cliffe Waste Watchers’ campaign.
Hi All,   Things are happening quickly now, and as you may have heard Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) has started its consultation over Augean’s application.
The process is similar to last time, i.e. Parish Councils and other local councils can indicate approval, or not, as can members of the public, as well as giving detailed reasons for their opinion.
Although there are two applications in at once, things are not quite as muddled as they might seem. To all intents and purposes the applications are the same (the difference is that the one to Northants is simply a time extension until 2016, while the application to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) is for time and space until 2026). It is unlikely that you are going to like one and not the other, so essentially your reasons for objection will be identical.
Both deadlines for submitting your comments are 1st June 2012, and both processes have online forms so that once you have decided on what you want to say you can simply copy and paste it into the relevant forms.
For the IPC go to:  and click on ‘Register online’
For Northants go to:  and click on ‘make a comment on this planning application’
There is some confusion, as Augean have put in 3 extension applications to NCC:
12/00031/WAS, which is for extension of the LLW (radioactive waste) permission
12/00030/WAS, which is for extension of the soil treatment facility
12/00029/WAS, which is for extension of the hazardous waste permission
Using the online comment forms on the Northamptonshire County Council website (see:  you would have to do a separate form for each application (or as many applications as you want to object to. This is time-consuming, and you probably wouldn’t want to do exactly the same comments for each.
An alternative is to write (quoting all, or as many application references as you wish to object to) to:
Planning Services, Northamptonshire County Council, Floor 3, Guildhall Road Block, County Hall, Northampton, NN1 1DN, and to do this by email:
When you view the application documents you will get a ‘pleasant’ surprise: there are about 50 of them! By all means wade through all of them, and find that little detail that will completely scupper their proposal. Alternatively, go down to Environmental Statement ‘Non-technical Summary’ and read something in a recognisable language:
If you find something here that you don’t like, you can check up on the details in the main Environmental Statement.
In the Consultation Report – see Table CR3 Frequently Raised Questions  (three-quarters of the way into the report) – has responses to many of our previous concerns, so you can judge how convincing Augean’s replies are:
Best wishes, CL, KCWW  +++++++++++++++++++++