My MP emailed me and he said:


New Areas Opened up to FrackingDear Ms Radic,

Thank you for contacting me about fracking, I understand your concerns with this matter and appreciate your correspondence.

Shale gas is a promising new potential energy resource which could reduce our reliance on imported gas and help with keeping energy costs low. It could create thousands of jobs, bring in billions in tax revenues and secure our energy supply for the future. However, let me assure you that I strongly believe fracking operations should be safe, and must not be at the expense of local communities or the environment.

Safety is the top priority of the Government. The UK has over 50 years of experience in regulating the onshore oil and gas industry and we have a strong regulatory regime for shale gas extraction. The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for checking all aspects of operator’s plans and designs.  No site will be given the go ahead without first meeting strict safety criteria.

The risk of water contamination is low when the correct regulations are followed. The Environment Agency will work with the Health and Safety Executive to ensure high standards are maintained and that the quality of our water is properly protected. The Environment Agency will make an assessment of any chemicals an operator proposes to use in fracking and will not authorise the use of hazardous substances where there is an unacceptable risk they would enter groundwater.

Water for fracking operations has been provided by local water companies, which are obligated to produce and update a long-term plan every five years that has contingency reserves in case of a drought. Therefore water companies will assess the amount of water available before providing it to operators.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Stewart Jackson
Member of Parliament for Peterborough

I emailed my MP and I said:

New Areas Opened up to FrackingDear Stewart Jackson,

I am writing to ask you to vote against the Government’s changes to the Infrastructure Bill on fracking that remove any guarantee that drinking water sources will be protected from fracking, and to call for an immediate fracking moratorium.

The changes made in the House of Lords weaken several of the 13 conditions accepted by Government in the House of Commons, including vital provisions to protect drinking water from fracking.

Please vote to ensure fracking is banned in all ground water source protection zones 1 – 3.

Although these protections would make fracking safer, they cannot make it safe because fracking is inherently risky, and would exacerbate climate change.

I am therefore asking that you call for an immediate fracking moratorium in the House of Commons. While the UK Government attempts to weaken the few protections we have, the rest of Britain is taking measures to protect the health of communities and the climate.

I urge you call on Government to follow the lead of Wales and Scotland by bringing forward an immediate fracking moratorium so that the risks to health and climate change can be fully investigated.

The sooner we follow in the footsteps of France, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, New York State, Denton (Texas) – and the rest of Britain – by stopping fracking, the better for our communities, the climate and our local environment.

Yours Sincerely,
Fiona Radic