Yes I did

but I did not expect to enjoy a real life murder related story based near Peterborough.

There are quite a few all too dreadful crimes connected with our area, some of them still under investigation, but I hadn’t come across this particular one prior to spotting the drama documentary in the tv schedule. I gritted my teeth and started watching, expecting at best a bit of a civic heads up for me. It looked as if it was going to be grim.

I used to go to the odd police panel (they preceded the introduction of the PCC) and here you can read my previous blogs about the new role of Police and Crime Commissioner and its disastrous roll out in Cambridgeshire (the quality of candidates selected for election by the Conservatives has been terrible). Sitting through meetings (whether they are community based panels or the meet-the-latest-commissioner-in-the-town-hall type) does give you some insight into what issues the police face and how their priorities are decided. So I know exactly why Mr Plod isn’t strolling down my street in his size elevens any more – but unlike many people I don’t have a problem with that.

But this docu-drama gives everyone stuck at home and not at all interested in going to meetings a view onto what police work is really like.

It turned out to be riveting. I am a huge fan of detective fiction on the telly. Obviously this isn’t fiction: anything but. But the story had me on the edge of my seat and nobody watching it needs to know a single thing about Sherlock, Miss Marple or Morse.

Hats off to everybody who helped put the case together and then: just as remarkable, the story about the investigation. Not easy at all. Well done.  Cambridgeshire is really good at the investigation of abuse: one of the toughest and least well understood let alone appreciated aspects of policing.

Very strongly recommended. Available for 30 days here: