Backing the Greens in Peterborough

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Local Greens are helping voters to get Green Party councillors elected onto Peterborough City Council. You can vote Green all over Peterborough. We raise money to pay for leaflets so that local people know they can vote for us. You can vote Green in Peterborough and North West Cambridgeshire constituencies. This all costs money.

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Contrary to what the public assumes, our activists work for free: they volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, a financial contribution is the quickest and most effective way to support us. Back our Crowdfunder now.

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Peterborough is bigger than Cambridge

In terms of its population, Peterborough is bigger than Cambridge, and since the 2011 census, has been growing faster. Click here for Cambridgeshire settlements’ populations.


Peterborough Council Chamber

Council Chamber on the day what we now call Peterborough Town Hall was opened. This photo was taken from the Spectators Gallery which is currently closed. Elected councillors are (I think) sitting at the long tables with some very strange headwear at rest on them. None of them is female, although there are a few women sitting behind them, one with a dark cloche hat and most of the others sporting dark berets. Headwear is not flashy. The gallery (behind the photographer) is probably full to bursting. Guests and public are seated around the councillors very tightly, leaving “the floor” clear. Slender tables are unencumbered with lights and mics. The room is shown at its best: lit by daylight. The Mayor’s parlour is packed with what could be a choir in uniform (door to the right) and so is the balcony of the foyer (door to the left). The principal uniform is the man’s suit, worn with greater or less formality. One or two of the men may be wearing gowns and one on the left side may be wearing a chain of office. High table is court like. The chair’s chair is a proper throne and whoever sat on it would have a commanding view of the entire room, including the whole of the Spectators Gallery. (The current layout – I’m not sure when or why the room was turned around –  is not at all as clever from the point of view of the chair.) Still familiar today: the person in clerical garb. The architecture is happily and joyfully calling on medieval precedent within a confident classically formatted & commercially alive building (rented shops were built below this room, the income to the council intended to keep rates as low as possible). This photo is on public display in Peterborough Town Hall.

Why it’s good to vote Green in NW Cambs (or any safe seat!)

North West Cambridgeshire is a historically extremely safe seat. It is where the Conservative Party stand the candidates they really don’t want to risk losing. Brian Mawhinney (eventually CON Party Chairman) was MP for Peterborough  but was moved to the neighbouring North West Cambridgeshire constituency when Peterborough started to look a bit too risky.

A “safe” seat presents a number of challenges to residents but also to opposition parties, one of which is that voters who know their vote “doesn’t count” (in terms of securing democratic representation) are inclined to think that their vote “isn’t counted” (but watch this video to see why this is an entirely different thing!).

Why it’s good to vote Green in NW Cambs from Julie Howell on Vimeo.

Please browse back a few posts to find more about tactical voting and seat marginality.

Peterborough Telegraph Hustings – Friday 26th May

Peterborough Telegraph Hustings – Friday 26th May

arrive 6.30pm for a 7pm start in the Main Hall at Peterborough Regional College

#vote #GE2017 #VoteGreenInSeventeen #VoteGreen

This hustings is hosted by the Peterborough Telegraph and Peterborough Regional College. Peterborough’s newspaper says: “Time is running out to be in the audience as the candidates aiming to be MP for Peterborough after June’s general election go head-to-head at a hustings run by the Peterborough Telegraph and Peterborough Regional College.

The hustings is on Friday, May 26 from 7pm to 9pm (6.30pm entry) at the regional college’s hall at its Park Crescent campus.

To be in the audience, email your name and any questions for candidates to or ring 01733 588728.”

The confirmed candidates are Stewart Jackson (Conservative), Fiona Onasanya (Labour), Beki Sellick (Liberal Democrat) and Fiona Radic (Green Party).

Peterborough Regional College 
If you are arriving on foot or bicycle, head to: Park Crescent, Peterborough, PE1 4DZ. There is some space to park around the park on Park Crescent, but if you are arriving by car you might find more space by using the college’s Eastfield Road vehicle entrance and follow signs to the college car parks.

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