how to use little green calendar

little green calendar is a public google calendar.

little green calendar includes pink items which come from PinT calendar and it also shows google weather for the next few days.

if you use little green calendar please be aware that if an event is cancelled or changed at the last minute, little green calendar may not be updated.  Events are listed as professionally as possible.  But it makes sense to double check details with event organisers and to join the mailing lists of organisations you are especially interested in.  To find the organiser’s contact details which are listed in the event detail – you need to “click” on the event.  One click will reveal the location and another full details.

each event can be clicked once for a bit more detail, and again for all the detail and the option to put the event on your own calendar.

go here if you would like to put calendar on your own google calendars page.  If you decide to use the application fully (for this you need a google account) the calendar can send you a daily schedule.  It also means that little green calendar becomes searchable, which means that when you can look for an event, you might find something similar or perhaps find an occurrence which is listed in the past, but which helps you to locate a website or an organiser.

to get your own google account, find the google icon on the calendar and click on it.

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