Fiona Radic MEP candidate

Welcome. I am thrilled that thanks to the confidence placed in me by Eastern Region Green Party members, my name will be on the ballot paper on Thursday 23rd May! We’d love our region to elect our first Green MEP to join a growing band of increasingly influential European Greens working hard and constructively in the European Parliament. A Green vote is a vote for Catherine Rowett, our lead candidate & for our wonderful team. For the full list & how to support our campaign please go here

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For democracy geeks, I am standing for election as Green Party list member no 4 in the Eastern Region. Elections for the European Parliament are now expected to take place on the 23rd May 2019 following an extension to the Article 50 process. The United Kingdom is currently due to participate alongside other EU member states and to elect 73 UK Members of the European Parliament. These seats were due to be reallocated to other countries as part of the process of leaving the EU, but the UK has not yet left. If UK MEPs have taken their seats on 1 July 2019, and the UK has still not left, the seats will not be reallocated.

MEP candidate group on Julian bridge Norwich
Rupert Read, Paul Jeater, Martin Schmierer, Jeremy Caddick, Catherine Rowett and Fiona Radic. More information here: