How To FixMyStreet

FixMyStreet - report, view or discuss local problemsPeterborough City Council has recently decided to move from the application “My Peterborough” to another one, called “FixMyStreet”. Clicking on the image on the left will take you to FixMyStreet’s home page.

You can use the application (app) on a desktop computer simply by creating an account and reporting something. When you create your account, use the email address you’d like the council to respond to and hang on to that and to your password so you can log off and log on again.

At the bottom of the home page you will find how to download the app to a mobile device, which means you can take a picture of a problem and report it while you are out and about. You can use the same account.

  • Keep your title brief and put your comments in the comments box.
  • Think before you report. You might not want to disclose your name or personal details to the public at all. Those of other people? Even less of a good idea. The reports are public to view and you might not want to be featured. If you want to remain anonymous to the public, you can. The council will still get and be able to respond to the email address which you provided when you add your account, but the public browsing the reports won’t be able to see who you are.
  • Read the website’s advice on what you should and what you should not report using the app.
  • Once you’ve got going, you might want to up your game, or involve your local school or community. Find ideas under the help tab in FixMyStreet. Click on the picture on the right to go there.

Geek question: Who gave FixMyStreet the picture with the double yellow lines?