Wrong side of the road in Peterborough

Northern cycle route exit from Long Causeway
Northern cycle route exit from Long Causeway

The previous cycle route ran to the RIGHT of the vehicular one. (It was one of two city centre roads which require moving to the wrong side of the roads and was a top local knowledge quiz question.) It was used by cyclists to EXIT Long Causeway onto Broadway. During recent new surfacing work, inexplicably the old route has been blocked off by a new bit of fence.

Long Causeway is one way for vehicles but two way for cyclists.

No entry signs at the EXIT of Long Causeway don’t make sense, even to car drivers, who wouldn’t see them, if they were driving in the right direction. The road is one way for cars, (isn’t it?) which would be coming towards you in this picture. The only vehicular exit is via Cathedral Square. Which is behind you.

Only council permitted vehicles are allowed in past the rising bollards. Although they are not currently working, it looks as if a new monitor has been installed.

An exit is required onto Broadway for cyclists. At the moment cyclists are cycling straight past the completely pointless no entry sign and over the potentially rising bollards.

Is the council planning to

  • reinstate the previous cycle route and remove the fence? This would separate cars from bikes and leave a favourite quiz question intact.
  • remove the no entry signs?
  • add a cycling contraflow sign (as at the roundabout end of Cowgate)? But if it is going to do this will it explain how it intends to ensure cyclists aren’t accidentally impaled on a rising bollard they haven’t noticed?

We did have a Council Leader who wanted to abolish cycling in the whole city centre. He lost his seat in May.

While he is gone, I for one am hoping the Council will be able to resolve this particular road sign nonsense quickly, sensibly and constructively. And if whoever is responsible for traffic signs in the city wants to comment below, he or she is very welcome.

There is hope.  The view in the other direction makes a little bit more sense, (except for the temporary signage).

Long Causeway towards the Cathedral
Long Causeway towards the Cathedral