SAVE THE NHS Petition Handover to Stewart Jackson MP

Friday 17th June at 4.30 in Central Library, Peterborough

A group of people who do not want to see the NHS cut or turned into a source of private profit are joining together to hand in a big petition to Stewart Jackson, MP for Peterborough.  This is what the petition asks:

“To the Coalition government,

Our NHS is precious – we won’t forgive you if you ruin it
Don’t break up our health service and hand it to private healthcare companies
Listen to the real experts – doctors, nurses and patients – when they give warnings about these plans
Don’t rush through massive changes without testing them properly first
Protect patient care – don’t cut beds, wards, doctors or nurses”

If you share our worries about the NHS here is what you can do:

Please find the event and all the details here .  You are very welcome to join us: sign in on the website.

Please share the event with your friends and maybe some will be able to join us at the handover.

Other things you can do: sign the petition and ask your friends to do so too.