General Election Hustings – Thursday 18th May

General Election Hustings – Thursday 18th May

at 7.30pm at St Johns Church, Cathedral Square

St John the Baptist is the church on the left. The entrance is down the steps and through the archways into the porch.

The church says: “Once again there will be a hustings for the Peterborough constituency for the forthcoming general election in St John’s Church.

If you would like to submit a question please email the church office ( and we will select from those suggested to ensure fair balance. If your question is chosen we will contact you to ask if you would be prepared to ask it at the hustings. Please note that only the question should be asked, as scripted, and no additional statements or comments added.

Questions should be directed to all of the candidates without bias or favour. There are strict rules governing hustings to ensure fairness and avoid bias. We will be following these rules carefully.

This hustings is being organised by the church and everyone is welcome.

We expect all the following candidates to attend the hustings:

Stewart Jackson (Conservative)
Fiona Onasanya (Labour)
Fiona Radić (Green)
Beki Sellick (Liberal Democrat)”

find this event on facebook here:

I am a big fan of hustings and have advocated for more of them in Peterborough, which does not host nearly enough.

Should you be interested in the regulation of hustings, you might want to read this:

If you are interested in the ancient and not so well organised history of this form of democratic engagement, you might want to read this:

Park Ward hustings 2015: L to R: Steve Allen, now Cllr in Eye & Thorney, Fiona Radic (me), Beki Sellick (also a candidate in the parliamentary election on 8th May), Tony Forster (Chair), Cllr John Shearman (Park Ward) and Graham Whitehead (candidate in East Ward by election on 8th June)
Haddon Hustings 18 April 2015 Nick Thulbourn, Nicola Day and Nick Sandford
Peterborough Pensioners Hustings 2014


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