A grassy walk in Peterborough


Social media lit up in Peterborough last week and the topic was grass on a recreation field which had grown to one metre tall. So on Wednesday when Sue said shall we go for a walk in the Boardwalks? I thought: I really need to switch off and there could be some grass there! And indeed: lots of different kinds of grasses, with seed heads blowing about in the wind. You can watch the dance of the seed heads as the wind makes huge ripples across the meadow. 


This is the entrance to the boardwalks, I am wondering how high this grass is and how much is  reeds and sedges and which is which. I don’t know my grasses.


Recent very heavy rain has damaged the boardwalk, which was built in the 80s. This marshy area is a tiny patch of an important flood plain for the river Nene. By absorbing and retaining river and rainwater upstream soft squidgy places like this help to protect the city. Fit people can cross the boardwalk here, but please be very very careful.

20160608_152717 20160608_152739 20160608_152752 20160608_152811 20160608_152909 20160608_152914 20160608_152933 20160608_153613



Might be three quarters of a pint of water in there with all sorts floating in it.


Lovely fuzzy teasels. Here we say goodbye to the Boardwalk.

20160608_154058 20160608_154109 20160608_154520


A large grey heron with wings spread out, presumably to dry. Looks like a weird sculpture from a distance. I was just about to get the perfect shot from much closer up, but pushing our bikes along, we startled it, and off it went. (We’d cycled to get to the boardwalks and were now back on our bikes.).


Found this not so delightful plant very close to the city centre.  This is Japanese Knotweed. It is on the verge of Henry Penn walk, north Nene embankment. I have emailed the council and Railworld to find out who this patch of land belongs to: I am guessing it belongs to the council.




2 thoughts on “A grassy walk in Peterborough

    • Thank you! My friend found it and pointed it out to me. I’ve probably seen it before, without knowing what it was! I’ve now read up on it. The council has responded to my email and they are checking who owns the verge.


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