How I wonder how you park?

EG 1 by DF EG1
from Cllr Darren Fower’s post on facebook 1/2/16 (more follows)

On the 21st April 2015 a hustings was held in All Saints Church Hall, Park Road Peterborough. This is a rare thing in Peterborough: a ward hustings. As far as I am aware Park Ward is the only ward in the unitary authority of Peterborough which holds a regular hustings events. Here, voters are invited, either by the residents’ associations or by whoever leaflets the ward. Park Ward has begun to view them as an important part of the run up to election day. I am a big fan of hustings, as a glimpse at my blog will confirm. I’d like to see several in every ward, since they give people chances to thrash out where candidates stand on different issues, and how they perform, and what they are like.

Anyway every candidate appearing on the ballot paper in May had been invited to the Church Hall by a local residents’ association and the turnout was small, but respectable and well informed. John Peach, CON, was the last candidate to arrive. I would probably have been taking my seat and organising bits of paper when there was the very slightest flutter of excitement in the audience. The hustings proceeded without incident.

One of the most true and telling observations of the 2015 election campaign was made by a man at the back of the audience. He pointed out that climate change had disappeared from all the parties’ election campaigns.

After the event someone else came up to me and asked me to accompany him into the car park to see how John Peach had parked his car. He claimed to have felt an impact, but I am pretty sure his tongue was in his cheek and I have to say the wall did not move for me. But naturally I had a look. And of course I took a photo.

John Peach's car with Stewart Jackson poster on 21 April 2015
John Peach’s car with Stewart Jackson poster on 21 April 2015

I couldn’t see the wall behind the rear bumper at all. Can you?

John Peach car on 21 April 2015 at All Saints Church Hall
John Peach car on 21 April 2015 parked at All Saints Church Hall

I realised that had there been the sort of penetrative event you see in a crazy American road movie, instead of talking to a man in a car park, I might have seen a man flying across my field of vision and just for a second I imagined him fly, hanging on to his church hall chair as a massive black car skidded across the parquet floor in a hail of bricks and plaster dust. But that was just me imagining something which certainly did not happen that evening. Thank goodness.

What I did observe is that Cllr John Peach, (who was reelected and has since been crowned Mayor of our fair city) had proved himself capable of parking his car next to a wall in such a way that there is not a single millimetre between the car and the bricks. Not a single one.

I blog this now only because the antique Jaguar, the mayoral vehicle EG1 is reportedly:

EG 1 EG1 Darren Fower

and I for one would like to know how #PossibleRightOff happened.

And what it costs to keep this particular mayor in maintenance and insurance.

Perhaps Conservative councillors could tell the voters exactly what they each spend on driving around the city in very fancy cars, and how much of that expense is funded by residents?

I have blogged previously about John Peach’s apparent reluctance to manoeuvre a vehicle in and out of a drive.



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