The Peterborough speech

S JacksonMP bbc headlines

The BBC reported this speech nationally. Peterborough woke to find itself on the telly. But not everybody in Peterborough was thrilled to have our city highlighted in this fashion.

Cllr Lisa Forbes (Labour) can be seen behind Stewart Jackson and on her left, Cllr Darren Bisby Boyd and Cllr John Fox.

Here are two videos shot by the Green Election Team. Their quality is not good, and the sound track is patchy, but they do perhaps give different perspectives on an event which has been tactfully edited and framed by the mainstream media. Be aware that many cameras flash.

They show Jackson’s isolation on the podium before the other candidates walk out together. They show him stealing the Deputy Returning Officer’s thunder by giving the game away. But they also show how the crowd greeted him. It really can’t be very nice being Stewart Jackson.

Stewart Jackson Election 2015 Part 1 from Fiona Radic on Vimeo.

This is the first of two videos giving some context to the “controversial” Stewart Jackson MP acceptance speech made at Peterborough Showground in the early hours of May 8th.

Stewart Jackson Election 2015 Part 2 from Fiona Radic on Vimeo.

Stewart Jackson’s acceptance speech in the early hours of May 8th put Peterborough into the national headlines. This is the second of two videos which give a bit more context.

This speech is appearing in many uploaded recordings, not all of them shared publicly. Here is one which is:

Huffington Post has reported it.

Mainstream media

This is how the Peterborough Telegraph reported the speech.  Peterborough has only one printed newspaper left.

Radio Cambridgeshire covered it too.

Shailesh Vara’s acceptance speech

In stark contrast here is Shailesh Vara’s acceptance speech, which took place after a long delay during which a missing ballot box was found and or lots of counting had to be redone because the total votes in two electoral areas exceeded the total electorate. By that time in the morning I frankly had no idea if my leg was being pulled or not.

Shailesh Vara Election 2015 from Fiona Radic on Vimeo.

Shailesh Vara speaks to the few people still standing at the end of the count of North West Cambridgeshire votes.

A few of the Greens still on their feet at dawn

Here is what is left of our exhausted Green Party team under the electric lights of the Showground while outside dawn breaks.

Dawn breaks on 8th May

This is my first video post! If anyone knows how to get rid of my profile pic on the video embeds do please tell!

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