Are Peterborough cyclists cannibals now?

Police tweet another rude word in connection with cycles

I’ve blogged before about Peterborough and the attitude to cyclists held by the Leader of the Council and the centre of the city has just experienced “aggressive pavement cyclists” targeted by police. (I deplore the use of a word like “aggressive” to stereotype a wide community which cycles on pavements.)

But here we go again, this time with a word which suggests one superior tribe (maybe driving Chelsea tractors?) looking down on another primitive and uncivilised group (maybe all these things because they can’t afford a Chelsea tractor?).

Given that bicycles can’t really eat one another, I assume the police peep believes that the cyclists are stealing each others’ bicycles?  I’m really not sure how such a useless assertion will help the police catch thieves.  What I can tell the police is that this use of language is calculated to annoy cyclists with even the smallest bit of linguistic and political sensitivity.  Like me.

I wonder when Peterborough’s leading political and police peeps will make it into the twentieth century and or cycling enlightenment?

Author: Fiona Radic

Web Weaver, Network Cultivator

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