Communications and social media workshop – roll up, roll up! – Citizen Power: Peterborough

“This free workshop is aimed at community groups and people who work with community groups and is a fantastic opportunity to find out more about social media (like Twitter, Facebook and blogs etc) and how it can enable you to get people more engaged and participating in what you are doing.

So, if you either know very little about social media and want to find out more or if you are already using social media this will provide the opportunity to compare experiences. There will be something of interest and benefit for everyone.

Hosted by Edward Truch and Didier Soopramanien (both from Lancaster University) we’ll be:

·         sharing findings from research carried out in Peterborough recently that’s been looking at social media use and what’s already happening to engage people

·         looking at your practical experiences and sharing examples of good practice from elsewhere

·         running a practical session of action planning which your organisation or group can take away

Please send your RSVPs to me by Friday 6 July.  There are only 40 places available so first come, first served.”

taken from here:   and go here to join Citizen Power

Communications and social media workshop – roll up, roll up! – Citizen Power: Peterborough.

Author: Fiona Radic

Web Weaver, Network Cultivator

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