Peterborough Cycle Forum Special meeting

Thursday 23rd June   6:15pm for 6:30 start

With 2 guest speakers

Looking at the Cycle Cambridge Programme – presentation Mike Davies

Plans for Cycling in Peterborough – Teresa Wood, Peterborough City Council

Friends Meeting House Thorpe Road


Peterborough’s waste group “appalled” by Eric Pickles’ decision

Click on the title for the links to the waste management group’s letter in today’s Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

ProFoRWM’s letter published today. ProFoRWM’s facebook page is here.

Eric Pickles’ decision as described by the BBC is here


SAVE THE NHS Petition Handover to Stewart Jackson MP

Friday 17th June at 4.30 in Central Library, Peterborough

A group of people who do not want to see the NHS cut or turned into a source of private profit are joining together to hand in a big petition to Stewart Jackson, MP for Peterborough.  This is what the petition asks:

“To the Coalition government,

Our NHS is precious – we won’t forgive you if you ruin it
Don’t break up our health service and hand it to private healthcare companies
Listen to the real experts – doctors, nurses and patients – when they give warnings about these plans
Don’t rush through massive changes without testing them properly first
Protect patient care – don’t cut beds, wards, doctors or nurses”

If you share our worries about the NHS here is what you can do:

Please find the event and all the details here .  You are very welcome to join us: sign in on the website.

Please share the event with your friends and maybe some will be able to join us at the handover.

Other things you can do: sign the petition and ask your friends to do so too.